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Civil Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate is the key of the legalization of civil marriage. Without a marriage certificate, a wedding will not be officially recognized. Certificates of marriage should be registered to become valid.

The legal marriage certificate in Turkey is prepared only by the authorized marriage officers and registered marriage certificate of Turkey is valid whole around the world.

Do you need only a civil marriage certificate so contact with us. Our wedding consultant will take care of the whole process. All you need to do is enjoy your wedding.

How To Get Marriage Certificate in Turkey

To get a wedding certificate, there are some requirements that each of the wedding couples must have.

  • Each of wedding couple should be over eighteen years old.

  • Each of wedding couple should not mentally ill.

  • Bride or groom should not be close relatives to his/her future spouses.

  • If one of the couples was married before in any country it is necessary to present a proof of divorce or marriage dissolution.

If couples have enough requirements mentioned above than they are able to get marriage license in Turkey.

Marriage Certificate Application and Registration Process

The total process of marriage registration takes at least 3 working days. Couples should be in Turkey and in the same city which they decide to get married.

  • 1st day

    • Application process start. Couples should present necessary documents at wedding hall to start marriage certificate process. It takes only a few hours to done application process.

  • 2nd day

    • After application at least 24 hours has to be passed to get marry. Wedding officers should be at ceremony venue and civil marriage should be done by wedding officer. The multilingual marriage certificate will be given after ceremony by an officer.

  • 3rd day

    • The marriage certificate should be registered at the authorized department of the Turkish government. After registration process done, the wedding will be under record and will be valid whole around the world.

Our experienced wedding consultants will take care of the whole process for you. Please contact us for necessary document list.

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